Casio G-Shock: A Durable Timepiece Designed For Active Individuals

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Casio G-Shock is a line of watches that was first introduced in 1983. They were designed to be extremely durable and rugged, with the ability to withstand shocks, impacts, and vibrations that would damage other watches.

The G-Shock line has since become very popular and has expanded to include a wide range of models, each with its own set of features and functions. Some popular features of these watches include water resistance, multiple alarms, stopwatch functions, and world time zones.

They’re are also known for their distinctive design, which features a chunky, oversized case and a variety of bright colors and bold patterns. Despite their rugged design, they’re often worn as fashion accessories.

In addition to their durability and functionality, G-Shock watches are also popular among athletes, military personnel, and outdoor enthusiasts due to their reliability and versatility.

Which Casio G-Shock Models Are There?

There are many different models of Casio G-Shock watches, with varying features, functions, and designs. Let me list a few to know about:


A slim and lightweight model with a classic G-Shock design and analog-digital display.


This is a classic model with a digital display, multiple alarms, and stopwatch functions.

Mudmaster GG-B100

The Mudmaster is a rugged, mud-resistant model with Bluetooth connectivity, GPS navigation, and a compass.

Rangeman GW-9400

A tough and durable model with a triple sensor that includes a compass, thermometer, and altimeter.

Gulfmaster GWN-Q1000

This model is water-resistant with a barometer, tide and moon graphs, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Gravitymaster GPW-1000

I consider this more of a high-end model with GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and a solar-powered battery.

Frogman GWF-A1000

Any diver’s out there? This watch has a water resistance up to 650 feet (200 meters) and features like tide graphs and moon data.

Why Are G-Shocks So Popular?

In my opinion there are several reasons why Casio G-Shock watches are so popular:


One of the main selling points of these watches is their durability. They are designed to withstand shocks, impacts, and vibration that would damage other watches. They are often used by athletes, military personnel, and outdoor enthusiasts who need a watch that can withstand tough environments or activities.


G-Shock watches offer a range of features and functions, including multiple alarms, stopwatch functions, world time zones, and more. These features make them useful for a wide range of activities and professions.


Quite obviously their distinctive design sets them apart from other watches. They are often chunky and rugged, with a sporty or military-inspired look. Many people find this design appealing and consider it a fashion accessory.

Brand Reputation

Casio has built a strong reputation for quality and reliability over the years, and the G-Shock line has been around for over 35 years. As a result, many people trust the brand and are willing to pay a premium for the quality and durability it provides.

Are Casio G-Shock Watches Waterproof?

They definitely are! These watches are designed to be water-resistant, with varying levels of water resistance depending on the specific model. Some of them are designed to withstand water pressure at depths of up to 200 meters, making them suitable for activities like scuba diving and swimming.

However, it’s important to note that water resistance does not mean the watch is completely waterproof. Even the most water-resistant G-Shock models can be damaged if exposed to water pressure beyond their stated depth rating or if the buttons or crown are pressed while submerged.

It’s also important to mention that over time, the seals and gaskets that help make the watch water-resistant can degrade, which can reduce the watch’s water resistance. It’s a good idea to have the watch checked and resealed periodically to ensure it maintains its water-resistant properties.

How Much Are They?

The price of Casio G-Shock watches varies depending on the model and features. Generally, you can find them for as little as $50 and as much as $1,000 (or even more). Basic models with fewer features are on the lower end of the price range, while the more advanced models with features like GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and solar power are more expensive. Many G-Shock watches fall in the $100 to $300 USD range, which is relatively reasonable for a durable and functional watch. It’s worth noting that some limited edition or special collaboration models may be priced higher due to their rarity or unique features.

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Why Is G-Shock So Expensive?

G-Shock watches are generally considered more expensive compared to other similar brands due to their high durability, advanced features, and innovative technology. The brand is known for its ruggedness, reliability, and toughness, making it a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and military personnel.

One of the reasons why these watches are expensive is the materials used in their construction. They are made with high-quality materials such as resin, stainless steel, and sapphire crystal, which are durable and able to withstand extreme conditions. Additionally, G-Shock watches often come equipped with advanced features such as multiple alarms, world time, countdown timer, and stopwatch, which can increase the cost of production.

Another reason for their “high price” is the research and development that goes into creating them. Casio invests heavily in R&D to ensure that its products meet the high standards of its customers. This often leads to the creation of new and innovative technologies, which can add to the cost of the product.

Lastly, these watches have a reputation for being a status symbol among watch enthusiasts, which can drive up the price. The brand has built a loyal following among those who appreciate its toughness, durability, and style, and are willing to pay a premium for it.

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Are Casio G-Shock Watches Worth It?

This obviously is a personal question, but let me share my thoughts on this topic:


One of the main selling points of G-Shock watches is their durability. They are designed to withstand shocks, impacts, and vibration that would damage other watches, and many models are also water-resistant. If you need a watch that can withstand tough environments or activities, it may be worth it to grab one.


These watches offer a range of features and functions, including multiple alarms, stopwatch functions, and world time zones. If you need a watch with specific features, this could be one to consider.


Their distinctive design may appeal to some people but not to others. If you like the look and want a watch that can function as a fashion accessory, sure, this could work just fine.


G-Shock watches range in price from around $50 to over $1,000, depending on the model and features. If you’re looking for a durable, functional watch at a reasonable price point, most models offer good value for the money.

How Long Can G-Shock Watches Last?

G-Shock watches are known for their toughness and durability, and they can last for a long time with proper care and maintenance. The lifespan can vary depending on the model, usage, and maintenance, but they are designed to last for many years.

Remember, this is high-quality product that’s meant to withstand extreme conditions such as water, shock, vibration, and high impact. The brand has been around for over 35 years and has a loyal following of customers who attest to the longevity of their G-Shock watches.

The battery life can last up to 10 years, depending on the model and usage. However, the battery can be easily replaced when it runs out. The band and case of the watch are also durable and can withstand wear and tear for a long time.

Proper care and maintenance can also help extend their lifespan. It is recommended to clean the watch regularly, avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures, and keep it away from chemicals and solvents that can damage the watch’s components.

Can You Wear G-Shock With A Suit?

While G-Shock watches are designed to be rugged and durable, they are not typically considered appropriate to wear with a formal suit. These watches are often seen as casual or sporty, and may not fit with the more formal and traditional style of a suit.

If you are looking for a watch to wear with a suit, you may want to consider a dress watch or a more traditional watch style with a leather or metal band. These types of watches are often more understated and elegant, and can complement the style of a suit.

That being said, there are some G-Shock models that may be more suitable for wearing with dressier clothing, such as those with a more classic and minimalist design. Ultimately, the decision of whether to wear a G-Shock with a suit will depend on your personal style and the formality of the occasion.

Do People Still Buy G-Shocks?

They certainly do. The brand remains popular among a wide range of consumers. New models continue to be released regularly to meet the demands of consumers. In recent years, the brand has also expanded into new markets and collaborations, which have helped to keep the brand relevant and popular among new generations of consumers. Another popular and widely sold watch by the company is the Casio F-91W (this links to my review). Another review to maybe check out is the one I wrote about the Casio calculator watch, which also seems to stand the test of time.

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